About us

About Hype

Hype -Bar & Grill is located in middle of Auburn-Opelika to unwind and jazz up your dining experience. Hype-Bar & Grill serves multi-cuisine food, endless bar, varities of cigars and flavoured hookah.

The Auburn restaurant scene is striking the right chords of chic flavors with some amazing barbeques, Hype is proud to be a part of it.

An ambience that can help you have a good time, and smooth drinks selection to let out some steam. Head out to Hype and try out some signature cocktails, finest wines, craft beers, along with hand-picked classy, imported drinks. Hype has everything in store for you!

Hip, fun and impeccable- Hype is this and much more. You need to visit to enjoy it. Just like flowers need to be smelled to understand the depth of its fragrance, Hype needs to be experienced!